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Congratulations to all our students on successfully completing the Scratch programming class! 🎉 Keep coding and exploring new horizons!

Schools Partnerships

Create Lab is a preferred provider of 21st Century Skills Programs to schools and preschools in Singapore, India, and Sri Lanka. Our proprietary programs help students learn, coding, robotics, STEM, & design thinking concepts, while honing their computational thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills 

Extensive curriculum: We can offer multiple age-appropriate programs, backed by our curriculum portfolio (400+ hrs). Each program is well documented, evaluated and easily adaptable

Classroom-in-a-box: Our deployment model, supplies teaching resources, facilitators, and curriculums to our partner schools, significantly reducing their logistical challenges

Customer focused: We can customise programs to specifically cater to our partner schools’ needs, in terms of content, engagement, & duration  

Let’s chat about launching our high-impact programs at your school, or if you want bounce ideas on Creative Computing, Computational Thinking, Coding, & STEM 

School engagement models

Embedded Curriculum

Integrated educational approach enhancing core subjects with real-world applications for comprehensive learning experiences.

After School

Enriching extracurricular programs providing academic support, creative outlets, and social activities beyond traditional school hours.

Skill Club

Dynamic learning communities fostering the development of specialized skills through hands-on workshops and collaborative projects.

Holiday Camp

Engaging seasonal programs offering a blend of fun activities, educational adventures, and memorable experiences during school breaks.

Teacher Enablement

Empowering educators with professional development opportunities, resources, and support to enhance teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes.

Learn to code the fun way !

A leading international school, Singapore

The 4+ year partnership has helped engage 2,000+ students, across the School’s infant, junior, and middle school segments. Today, our programs effectively supplement the School’s inhouse courses on coding, robotics, and STEM, thereby providing a strong platform to develop future leaders. Create Lab already offers 14+ unique programs in the School, as school-term activities, holiday camps, and ad hoc events. Our achievements: Running some of the highest ranked programs in school, and not missing a single class in our entire engagement period!

An eminent school, Sri Lanka

Our partnership enabled this School to become Colombo’s first school, to offer extensive coding and design thinking programs. Initially, our focus was on spreading awareness among the stakeholders (parents, teachers, and student), on computational thinking and creative computing, leading to the launch of our after-school programs. Today, we also provide in-school programs and train their teachers to offer basic in-house courses, based on our curriculums. We remain the School’s largest enrichment provider, engaging with Grade 3-8 students

A satellite school, India

Located on the outskirts of Delhi, this school provides quality education to India’s rapidly growing middle income families. The School was keen to launch 21st century skill programs to differentiate themselves and to provide a unique experience to their students. Our partnership started in 2019, as we customised our programs to meet stakeholder’s social and economic needs. Through our programs, students participated in competitions, winning accolades. Improvement is seen in students’ creativity, communication, and critical thinking skills

Partner Schools

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