App Design & Development


Ever wondered why Apps look so cool and what goes behind creating them? What if you had the power to develop your own Apps? Want to show the world how your innovative idea will succeed? Get your answers with this fun App building programme, where students ideate, design, and create mobile Apps for the real world and share them with peers. Encouraged by a facilitative and creative environment, students also begin to explore their roles as problem solvers, while creating various non-game and game Apps.

Duration: 30 hours
Level: Basic (No previous coding experience required) 

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Students use MIT’s App Inventor® platform or the Thunkable® tool to conceptualise, design, and develop mobile applications (Apps). These powerful drag-and-drop platforms allows students to create fully functional Apps, that can be deployed on phones, shared with friends, and uploaded to the Google Play Store.

The programme introduces students to incremental computing concepts through hands-on activities that empower them to develop simple Apps. Students then apply these concepts to customise their own Apps and create extensions. Students also engage in multiple challenges that involve them in conceptualising, designing, & developing independent apps (real-life solutions or game based). Throughout the programme students are encouraged to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, around user experience functionality, problem solving, and scale.

At the end of the programme, students would be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of Apps and understand how they are created (including user interface)
  • Understand computer science concepts like event handling, loops, conditional, data manipulation (variables & lists), etc.
  • Program mobile device components, like touchscreens, accelerometer, camera, button, clock, etc.
  • Independently develop stand-alone Apps that can be installed on mobile devices
  • Display creative confidence to present and share their Apps with peers and family


What is the journey a Create Lab student embarks upon?

The focus of our programmes is to empower 21st Century Skills: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication & Collaboration. Initially, we used Scratch as a platform to enable this. Subsequently, we also use tools and languages like MIT’s App Inventor, HTML 5, Python, etc. to enable students to create more sophisticated technology expressions, like apps, advanced games, websites, etc.

What are online classes? Why are they needed?

Online classes are fully interactive classes done through live video conferencing between the instructor and student. The instructor can see the student’s screen and provide feedback in real-time. The platform enables online quizzes too. Online classes complement our popular centre-based classes and are gaining interest in the current environment, where social distancing is preferred.

Who develops your programmes?

All our programmes are developed together with academics from Oxford, MIT & Singapore’s top universities. Our Academic Board has over 85 years of pioneering technology experience, has given TED talks and holds patents in areas such as artificial intelligence.