Code Creators: Design, Build, & Play


Ever wondered how computer programs are coded? How the games you play, are built? How robots work? How animations get created? This is an opportunity to know a lot more about the world of coding and computers in a fun way! Developed with academics from Oxford & MIT, this course focuses on learning Coding & Robotics in an encouraging environment that emphasises creativity & imagination. Students explore computer science concepts, create customised games & stories, while also honing logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. No previous coding experience is required, just come & have fun creating!

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Learning objectives

  • Learn computational concepts like algorithms, sequencing, loops, & events
  • Program conditionals and apply data manipulation concepts (variables & lits)
  • Understand game development and design user interface
  • Develop a foundation in Computational Thinking – a powerful thinking process
  • Apply concepts learnt to create projects with MIT’s Scratch® Programming Language
  • Appreciate software-hardware relationship using MakeyMakey® micro-controller interface
  • Have a lot of fun programming robots, creating games & stories, and collaborating with peers


  • Multiple algorithms to simulate robotic program solutions, including treasure hunt, drawing shapes, & autonomous vacuum learners
  • 6-7 simple projects of progressive difficultly to apply and extend concepts learnt
  • 1 multi-screen digital story of choice, including its story-boarding
  • 3-4 games based on his/her interest using mutiple, conditions, variables, screens, & events

What’s more

  • Design and develop a self-conceived multi-player/multi-level game
  •  A hardware controller to interact with games
  • A capstone project (game or solution) using all concepts learnt, and present to an audience


Are you a Scratch class? What comes next?

The focus of our programmes is to empower 21st Century Skills: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication & Collaboration. Initially, we used Scratch as a platform to enable this. Subsequently, we also use tools and languages like MIT’s App Inventor, HTML 5, Python, etc. to enable students to create more sophisticated technology expressions, like apps, advanced games, websites, etc.

What are online classes? Why are they needed?

Online classes are fully interactive classes done through live video conferencing between the instructor and student. The instructor can see the student’s screen and provide feedback in real-time. The platform enables online quizzes too. Online classes complement our popular centre-based classes and are gaining interest in the current environment, where social distancing is preferred.

Who develops your programmes?

All our programmes are developed together with academics from Oxford, MIT & Singapore’s top universities. Our Academic Board has over 85 years of pioneering technology experience, has given TED talks and holds patents in areas such as artificial intelligence.

What is the global hackathon?

Create Lab leverages its geographical footprint to hold three online hackathons annually. These hackathons involve solving problems and creating projects on topical issues. Our students are invited to compete in these hackathons, showcasing their skills.